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After a good ten minutes of dicking around I can tell you all this about the update:

  1. The dash looks EXACTLY THE SAME. WHOAAAAA.
  2. The inbox looks EXACTLY THE SAME. WHOAAAAA.
  3. The WYSIWYG editor is sleeker and more streamlined, but all of the features are EXACTLY THE SAME. WHOAAAAA.

And to address the weird rumours going around:

  1. There’s nothing stopping you from reblogging/posting/queuing/drafting in multiple tabs.
  2. Posting photosets is kind of weird at first, but it’s a lot more interactive and you get to see exactly how the set will appear on your dash while you’re editting it.
  3. Posts happen directly from the dashboard, which means a lot of scrolling if you have a tall post and a short monitor, but overall it’s less bulky than writing a post on a separate page.

tl;dr, the changes are awful and Tumblr definitely needs to get their shit together I mean what were they thinking

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    You can upload an image from a URL in photo posts. In text posts I assume they removed that option because nobody liked...
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    You couldn’t do that BEFORE the update. That’s why they had the placeholder gray boxes, it saved them bandwidth, and...
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    We can’t seem to post images into the textbox from urls? That’s a legit complaint. I don’t wanna save a pic just to use...